Events which, and People who have presented at The André Café Acoustique

Dawn Webster
Classical Trumpet

Harold E. Smith
Jazz MulitInstrumentalist

John Conahan
Piano Blues Man!

Matthew Bengtson
Vituoso Contemporary Solo Piano!

Kurt Nikkanen
Virtuoso Violin

Salome Bey
a Beautiful Voice of Jazz Nostalgia

Veronica Mascaro and William Newman
Flute & Guitar

Alicia Björnsdotter Abrams
Swedish Folk Fiddler

Norman Taylor & T J Fry
Guitars and Voices

MoonSun Lee


Rich Rudin Trio
Original Jazz

Warren Oree, Umar Raheem
and Tony 'Stickman' Wyatt

High Energy, Hard Drivin' Jazz!

Donald Washington and Jazz Mates Kenny Gates and Wayne Morgan
with Barbara Yates

Jazz with Flavour!

Donna Alexander
The "Queen Mother of the Blues"

Dave and Alex Posmontier
Father and Son

Leon Jordan Sr. & Jr.
Father & Son Quintet

Matthew Zimnoch
Tatyana Halitskaya

Classical Vocal Duo

Point Blank
The Finest in Funk!

Music of Brazil

Steven Gerber

Denise White
Blues Rock Vocals
from Atlanta

Rufus Harley
Sax & BagPipes
In Memorium, 1936 - 2006

Susan Coe
Gospel Singer

Paul Fejko

Hank Countee

JuneTeenth 2005
poetry, piano, harmonica and on the street

Norman Taylor, Joann Ellis and Roswell King
Three Singer/Songwriters

Brian Menendez Trio
Young, Original,
Virtuoso Jazz

Bob and Brian Howell
Father & Son

The Mean Machine Band
The Many Moods of Jazz!

Bernard Pinder

Rembert 'Remy' Gibbs
Singer/Song Writer

Contemporary World Jazz

Ken Ulansey - Saxes, Flutes

Paul Butler - Clarinets, Flutes

Norman Taylor - Folk & Blues
Guitar and Vocals

Adam Faulk, Vernon Lewis,
Tony 'Stickman' Wyatt and
Marion Salaam

Wild Bebop Jazz!

Laura and Micah Bertin
Mimes the Word

King Cyz with Skeez
Gospel Rap - Holy HipHop

Kirk Nurock
Modern Jazz Pianist

Joe Federico and Leah Matague
Sophisticated Guitar and Vocals

Poet Lawrence Chase
Spoken Word at the André Café
In Memorium, 1953 - 2006

The Chance Trio
Wild Avant-Guard Jazz