Micah and Laura Bertin believe the mime is the “mirror of life”, reflecting everyday feelings and situations.  They consider themselves storytellers, using their bodies and faces rather than words.  They are entertainers, inviting the audience to see themselves in the characters rather than scratching their heads trying to figure out what’s going on. .Among the classic stories/skits they will present are: “On the Subway”, where a couple falls in love; “At the Zoo”, roar with laughter at the antics of a monkey interacting with a little boy; the first visit at “The Dentist”; be touched by the bittersweet “Toy Shop”; be amazed at what happens to a thief who steals a golden “Mask”.  Their show incorporates music and props and a highlight is always bringing people up on stage for hilarious audience participation. 


Micah and Laura have been performing since 1977.  They have traveled to all 50 states and throughout Europe, and spent almost 3 years as featured entertainers for Carnival Cruise Lines.  Laura has also branched off to create a solo show, geared for school assemblies, called “Mimely Yours, Laura”

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