As a multitalented musician, Harold E. Smith makes music out of
anything he picks up. He plays drums, wind and percussion instruments from every continent, gongs, whistles, flutes and the traditional Australian
Didjeridoo. In the jazz domain, Harold is noted for his highly energized,
emotional, and innovative style of drumming, both as a leader and sideman.

In all domains, Harold Smith is a person deeply in touch with the spirit of
nature and the nature of our spirit. The first time he picked up the
didjeridoo, he could play it. When he plays, he is always in conversation
with the Great Spirit. He makes music that warms folk's hearts and brings smiles to their faces. The music comes from his heart, and his magical soul to ours.

In addition to music, Harold has years of experience in the realm of film
and television. He's done it all: editing, camerawork for film and
television, TV news, and documentaries, audio, music studio recordings and audio engineering for television. He's also done voice-overs and on-air


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